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two days ep

"The EP highlights the bands sort of old school, garage rock meets indie sound similar to bands like Sleater-Kinney or Built to Spill." // Austin Town Hall

"a racket" // Here Comes The Flood

Best New Songs Releases of the Month // Grimy Goods

featured // if it be your will


Eternal Depressed Summer

"floats in that folky dream-poppy lo-fi cloud... in a rough-around-the-edges arrangement that sounds better every time I listen to it. There is an honesty and sincerity at play that should appeal to anyone who isn’t a sociopath" // Reverb Raccoon

"infectious blend of 90s indie rock with an updated, higher quality production to deliver something new and unique " // Austin Town Hall 

"While they might be putting off getting their life on track, Low Horizon’s music sounds as focused and exciting as ever " // For the Rabbits

"a heartfelt, cheerful sounding album about feeling down" // Here Comes the Flood


No-fi Tape

"these are some primo lyrics...the track has a rawness, an honesty that is a perfect match for the lyrics" // Reverb Raccoon

"does what it says on the tin...distortion addicts will embrace it both arms" // Here Comes the Flood

"enveloping, almost wall-like quality that really lets listeners immerse themselves" // Rock the Pigeon


Scarier than Bears

"takes the listener on a blurry magic carpet ride." // Emerging Indie Bands

Something for the Weekend: New Music Playlist #20 // BarryGruff


Four Songs too Long

"Imagine Weezer having a party with the Pixies, Yo La Tengo and Prints Jackson." // Here Comes the Flood

"five tracks of fun, Weezerish rock music with jolly lyrics about death and grieving and stuff" // The Album Wall

"A wide ranging journey of sound... which at least disproves the theory of the release title" // Emerging Indie Bands

"a really good album... It feels like a story" // Rock Music Texas



"A very promising start, from a band well worth keeping an eye on." // For the Rabbits (5 Things We Liked this Week)

"It’s a long time I heard this kind of song, and ... it’s worth a listen." // Beautiful Freaks (5 Best New Songs of the Week)

"How is it possible not to be enamoured?" // Emerging Indie Bands

Featured on (march 16, 17) // Wonder

mixtape #1: 11.01.17 // Unsigned Houston


Just Fine b/w After Party

", the songs have an irresistible charm" // Here Comes the Flood

"I like this ... & if you <3 indie rock feat. slightly drunk-sounding 8-bit synth noises you will too" // The Album Wall (via twitter)